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support Specialist

Budapest, Hungary

Full Time, Remote/Hybrid


WORK on various interesting tasks

We developed a new, fun darts experience, where players are using a traditional dartboard, and a camera based system detects the incoming darts. The system automatically counts points for the players and shows fun, sometimes not traditional games on a TV. See more details at

About our systems

We run around 300+ systems at 100+ places at the moment. The systems include a local PC which is connected to 4 scoring cameras looking at the dartboard, and one looking at the players. The PC runs linux and our web based software. The PC is connected to a TV showing fun games. An android tablet is placed close to the players, and they start games from that. We can both access the PC and the Android tablet remotely to support our Clients, and we upload some data to our amazon server too. Our Clients might need help with any part of this stack from simple problems (TV is set to automatically turn off), to complicated ones (local network settings are not good).

About the optimal candidate

We are looking for somebody with excellent communication skills in English and solid IT background (PCs, networking). Most of the communication is written in chat but you have to be able to talk to our Clients.
Most of the time you just have to be online, in case an issue comes up. Optimally you are online 12 hours, 6 days a week. Tuesday - Sunday, 4PM London time (GMT) to 4AM London time. We see an
average 2-3 hours active work per day at the moment.


- Support
- Answering clients on WhatsApp (99% chat, not calls).
- Learning our systems using our knowledge base.
- Monitoring the systems.

About the hiring process

This is the first time we hire internationally, so we have to learn :) Until this point all of the team is from Hungary, EU, but 90% of the time we work remotely. Most of the communication is on Slack.
We hope we can work with somebody long term. We imagine a tighter work relationship than the usual freelancing. We hope you’ll feel part of the team, even if we don’t meet too often (e.g. we’d like to ship a system to you so you can play on it, test it).
We’ll need more time to choose the optimal candidate then the average I guess, exactly because we want to invest in a longer term relationship. We will invite people from other time zones too which fits the work better.
We will test the best applicants’ IT knowledge and English. We don’t know what’s polite on UpWork, but we are happy to pay for the time somebody spends on this, if it’s longer than 1-2 hours.

Number of installations some months ago.

Apply now

Next step

Please send us a monthly salary for the abovementioned schedule (6 days, 12 hours on call, 2-3 hours active work) to If you have any questions please send them to us. 

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