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Dartsee is the ultimate entertainment device in your place

Welcome to the future of darts: we turn darts into a modern-age arcade game.

Loved by venues and players around the world


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Dartsee is an interactive steel tip dartboard that uses state-of-the-art computer vision technology to bring darts to a new generation. We focus on quality, player experience and customizability. 

Dartsee comes with pre-programmed games and adjustable difficulty settings to suit the skill level of any player. Best of all, on a Dartsee board, no two games are the same; this is how you set the stage for the ideal social gaming experience.


Built-in camera system


Game controller interface


Customized appearance

We use cameras and state-of-the art algorithms to detect the precise location of the darts in the board creating the ultimate competitive socializing experience.


Instant replays

Engage your players even more by playing back their wins and blunders to them.

Dartsee features a Game Controller interface that runs on a tablet and also an Admin area which is used to manage sessions. 


Quality components

We manufacture Dartsee from quality components and test every unit extensively before shipping it out. We partnered with Winmau, so your first board is on us.

You can decide what you’d like to see on the TV screen. Every game has a header that can be branded with the logo of your venue.


Easy to assemble

Installing and calibrating the Core Ring itself is a 20-minute process. We offer assistance in setup and 24/7 support. 

An interactive dartboard with a personality

Mid-round banter guides players through a truly emotional experience with Dartsee, the ultimate interactive dartboard. Once you give us a try, you’ll never go back, because with Dartsee each throw becomes an exciting and memorable event. Dartsee reacts to your performance, making every shot count.

These witty mid-shot animations, exclusive to Dartsee, are fully customizable, allowing you to personalize your darts gaming experience to the fullest.

Dartsee_interactive dartboard_sketchiz.jpg

How do I get a Dartsee?

Got you interested? Get in touch with us and we'll make your place stand out!


Social gaming experience made easy with an interactive dartboard:









people playin interactive darts

Greater customer-engagement

Our research shows that guests tend to hang around Dartsee, the innovative interactive dartboard, twice as long as conventional boards. With Dartsee, the fun is taken to a whole new level, leading to more trips to the bar, inside jokes, and fond memories. Experience the captivating world of interactive darts with Dartsee and discover why it's the preferred choice for prolonged entertainment and unforgettable moments.

people having fun playing interatctive darts

Returning customers

Dartsee makes up for one particular shortcoming of old dartboards, through the incorporation of gamified feedback about players and their abilities. Players can check their stats in the Dartsee webapp, which helps them keep tabs on their progress and improve. Getting better at darts has never been easier with Dartsee's range of game options. Beginners can enjoy simple and forgiving games to kickstart their dart-playing journey, while more experienced players can engage in challenging and competitive darts games to test their mettle and push their limits.

Players of every level can enjoy it

poeple playing electronic darts

It doesn’t matter whether your guests have been playing darts since they were old enough to sneak into the pub or have only seen it done in movies, Dartsee makes learning this classic game a fun, simple, low-stakes experience. Accordingly, we have designed games specifically with both beginners and pros in mind: try Moon Landing for casual fun, then step up to Cutthroat Cricket once you’re ready to show off your hard-earned skills.


Based on our partner interviews, an average player spends twice as much time with Dartsee than with traditional offline dartboards.

We love providing the fun for these places: 


Want to try Dartsee in real life?

Find the closest venues to you where you can try our interactive dartboard!

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We like quality components. That's why we partnered with these guys:

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Let's talk about your needs, business model and benefits of bringing Dartsee to your venue. Get in touch with us!

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At Dartsee we believe two things: everything changes and the classics are classics for a reason. We don't think guests will put away their phones, and, even if we could, we wouldn't make them. And we're not the kind of people that want to reinvent the dartboard.


We’re the kind of people that love darts. We manufacture Dartsee from quality components and test every unit extensively before shipping it out.

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