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Privacy- Policy

Your data is important for us

Before you read our official legal text, here are some thoughts in human-readable English on data protection. We take privacy seriously, we even like GDPR :)


  • We will only process your data in the ways we describe it below.

  • We will not keep it until eternity, but we will anonymize it when it’s not needed.

  • If you have any question about your data, or you want to erase your personal drop us a mail at

Version History

  • Original: 29th October, 2019

  • V2: 24th of March, 2020: minor changes

  • v 2.3 12th January, 2023, changes to cover Private and Office users, and new features, restructuring data processing activities, new description of Data Subject rights 

And now, let’s jump into the legal part! Click here to open our Privacy Policy

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