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Interactive dartboard with games - the latest trend in the industry

If you're a bar or pub owner looking for ways to keep customers engaged and entertained, you'll be excited to hear about the latest trend in the industry - interactive dartboards with games. These high-tech dartboards take the classic game to a whole new level by offering a variety of interactive games and features that are sure to impress your customers. We offer a cutting-edge, interactive dartboard that is sure to elevate the darts experience for your guests.

In this blog post, we'll explore the latest trends in interactive dartboards with games and take a closer look at the unique features and benefits of the Dartsee system. Whether you're looking to stand out in a crowded market, increase customer engagement, or simply provide a fun and unique experience, the Dartsee interactive dartboard is a must-have for any bar or pub owner.

By creating more engaging games using technology, venues increase their footfall, stretch dwelling time and offer memorable experiences.

How does an interactive dartboard work?

We developed an interactive steel tip dartboard that uses computer vision technology to bring darts to a new generation.

Dartsee uses cameras and state-of-the art algorithms to detect the precise location of the darts on the board. It automatically calculates the score and displays it on a monitor. This technology allows us to create an accurate darts scoring system.

Dartsee is more than a darts scoring software: with Dartsee each throw is exciting and memorable and it’s suitable for players at any level!

Dartsee is an interactive dartboard perfect for bars, pubs, entertainments centers and more!

Can you play interactive darts with steel tip darts?

Yes! You can use steel tipped darts to play on Dartsee. We have partnered with Winmau to use the best boards available.

What games can you play on an interactive dartboard?

Dartsee currently comes with 6 darts games: Moon Landing, X01, Cricket, Killer, Fight Game and Shanghai.

Each game can be customized to a certain extent, and new games are being developed continuously.

Interactive dartboard - the latest trend in the entertainment industry

Competitive socializing is not a new concept, but it certainly is a trend nowadays. Fun activities and experiences are extremely efficient at increasing engagement in your venue while giving people something exciting to do during their visit. The use of technology in the entertainment industry has increased and the competitive socializing sector offers unique experiences to customers.

By creating more engaging games using technology, venues increase their footfall, stretch dwelling time and offer memorable experiences.

Our research shows that guests tend to hang around our interactive dartboard twice as long as conventional boards and that much more fun means just as many more trips to the bar, inside jokes, and fond memories.


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